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Why the Medical tourism is so popular?

Medical tourism in Thailand is booming. Indeed, the long waiting times for operations and treatments, overload and slow health system, the exorbitant costs associated with operations that are millions of people are moving towards medical tourism and it is only the beginning. The Newsweek (international news magazine) does not hesitate to extol the virtues of Thai clinics.

Why go to Thailand for medical treatment?

In Asia, Thailand's reputation is well established. True "Mecca" of medical tourism, the country takes its title from a competent medical specialist and cosmetic surgeries including organ transplants and / cardiology.
Our doctors are trained in major part in the United States and Western Europe, the quality of services is consistent with the demands of most demanding customers.
Moreover, Thailand is "The Land of Smiles", it abounds in wealth, culture is wonderful and full of originality. No other country is able to offer you a change of scenery and an experience like ours.

What is the quality of our hospitals?

World-renowned practitioners use the latest medical technologies, with teams of high-level hospital.
Very modern facilities, first class and high medical technologies ensure that our hospitals meet international standards (ISO), quality of service and reception is often better than Europe or the USA. Advanced equipment, continued investment, hospitals listed on the stock exchange, a multitude of parameters that Thailand was the first Asian country to have an internationally accredited hospital.
Our hospitals also offer a French escort service throughout the stay.

Concerning the safety of medical procedures in Thailand.

The cost of procedures is much lower than in Europe, USA, Australia or Middle East.
A legitimate question being asked by many patients is whether these procedures are safe despite low prices.
The answer is YES.

In Southeast Asia, Thailand holds the record in terms of medical procedures and has often been acclaimed, particularly in areas of expertise such as cardiac surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, cataracts, and tropical infections.

Successive governments have invested heavily in education and training of doctors. Apart from attractive prices, it is also the technical expertise that has made ​​the reputation of Thai plastic surgeons.

Facelift, hair implantation, breast augmentation, dental implants, laser treatments or sex reassignment, plastic surgeons in Thailand will abide your anonymity.

What is the quality of dental care in Thailand?

Costing a fraction of European prices, dental care is performed with high standards of quality and service. Dentists are considered among the best in Asia.

Orthodontic, teeth whitening, placement of veneers, bridges, crowns, dental implants, you will find the same services in the West but less expensive, with competent teams accustomed to international customers.

What services are provided around the surgery?

  1. Quality
  2. Comfort
  3. Competitive rates
  4. Safety
  5. Reliability of health facilities and advanced services
  6. Modern facilities, expertise and mastery of technology
  7. A multitude of airline companies offered
  8. Hotel infrastructure that meets international standards, with luxury units, recommended for periods of convalescence and relaxation.

Can I bring the person of my choice?

Obviously, we advise our patients to come in couples, family and even friends. Your stay is not purely medical, it is also partly tourist, so aspects of discovery, relaxation and other integral parts of the trip. These points are always more appreciated when shared.

Why choose services? offers a complete service coming to add up to the hospital servicesand for the same price:

  • Solution tariff within 24hrs
  • Support intervention the day after your arrival
  • Welcome Airport
  • Complete logistics
  • Council
  • Personal Assistant English/French speaking
  • Transfers airport-hotel, hotel-hospital, hospital, hotel, hotel-airport
  • Loan of a mobile phone with personal number and prerecorded useful numbers
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Visit at your hotel during your recovery
  • Council and booking tourist activities
  • Preoperative interview with the surgeon
  • Complete Surgery
  • Follow-up with post-operative medication
  • Registration formalities at the airport


  • Preoperative interview with the surgeon
  • Complete Surgery
  • Follow-up with post-operative medication


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